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About Keyboard Counter

What is Keyboard Counter?

Keyboard Counter is a free online tool designed to tally the number of keystrokes on a keyboard. Each key press is counted and displayed in real time. Keyboard Counter is particularly useful for gamers and typists, who can use it to ensure that all keys on their keyboard are functioning properly.

Features Of Keyboard Counter

1、The online tool is easy to use with no software installation or settings required; simply open the webpage to use it.

2、It is free for everyone to use, with no registration or login required.

3、Displays hit data in real time.

4、This tool supports all keyboards and can be used with PC keyboards, laptop keyboards, Mac keyboards, and more.

How To Use Keyboard Counter

1、Visit this webpage.

2、 Hit any key on your keyboard. The Keys Hit count will display in real time.

3、If you want to reset the Keyboard Counter, click the green "Restart" button.